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Monday, November 05, 2007

Buy-Side Technology Awards 2007

In addition to the article already published here, here are the detailed results of the technology awards of the "Buy Side Technology":

  • Best buy-side OMS - Charles River IMS
  • Best buy-side EMS - Fidessa LatentZero Minerva EMS
  • Best buy-side algorithmic/DMA product - Goldman Sachs GSAT
  • Best buy-side risk analytics product - Imagine Trading System
  • Best buy-side performance measurement & attribution product - Statpro SPA v5
  • Best buy-side commodities trading platform/service - Trading Technologies X_Trader
  • Best buy-side pricing/valuation service - Markit
  • Best buy-side data management product - Citadel Associates CADIS
  • Best data provider to the buy side - Rimes Technologies SmartFiles
  • Best buy-side portfolio analytics product - Sophis VALUE
  • Best buy-side integrated front-office platform - Charles River IMS
  • Best buy-side portfolio accounting platform - Advent Geneva
  • Best buy-side client reporting platform - Advent APX
  • Best broker-supplied tool/technology to the buy side - BNY Convergex APEX
  • Best buy-side newcomer (vendor or product) - Derivative Fitch RAP CD
  • Best in-house developed or proprietary technology - UBS Delta
  • Best overall buy-side technology vendor 2007 – Advent
The selection of most products may have been expected or are at least not surprising, from my point of view. The selection of Advent as the "Best overall buy-side technology vendor 2007" and even more so Advent Geneva as "Best buy-side portfolio accounting platform" is at least surprising to me. Has this been a worldwide selection ?