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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Barrington: "Portfolio Accounting Systems" Survey 2009

The Barrington Report 2009 on Portfolio Accounting Systems is available now, as usual with a hefty price tag (3000 $). It covers buy and sell side systems, and portfolio management and fund accounting systems.

Not all of the fund accounting systems in use in the German speaking markets are covered: Sungard's GP3 and Profidata's Xentis, oddly enough, are missing. SimCorp's Dimension and IGEFI's MultiFonds is included though. Princeton Financial System's PAM, currently prepared for its release in Germany, is also handled.

The survey says it covers systems also from Germany (in fact, none of the systems are from Germany but used in Germany; the only system being from Germany, Diamos F, is not even mentioned), and altogether 33 systems are reviewed. But by omitting a major player in the German speaking market (for whatever reason) makes this report come up a tad bit short...