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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Blog Facts I-2008

I think it is about time for another blog note, which I will post regularly now. They will be called "Blog Facts", and I will produce them a couple of times per year.

I also have sliced the blog description on top to make more room for the first post, especially for those with a smaller display size. Therefore, I have moved the contents in the log note (at the end of this post).

Quite a few people have asked me how much time I spend to keep this blog alive. Actually, and for many this has been surprising, it is just 15 minutes a day in average. The initial time to set up all the lists on the rights panel has been a couple of weeks with 2-3 hours daily.

Some people are irritated because of the bi-lingual nature of this blog. For all native anglo-saxons, all German posts are not understandable because they tend not to speak a second language. For Germans, they can use the translation widget on the right panel to translate the English posts (and it really works like a charme...) into German. For all others (who do speak neither English nor German), they may only use the translation widget to translate the English posts into their own language.

But why have I created a bi-lingual blog ? Well, since I am German and am writing about the German market and/or markets that have Germans working there (e.g. this is the case in Dublin) and/or German products are in use there or are relevant for the German market, I think there is a demand for a German blog. Then again, the vast majority of articles in the industry is written in English, so that when I quote an English article I will always write the post in English. Please let me know your thoughts on this.

Take care and enjoy reading!

Regards, Ron

------------------- contents from the former blog description:
However, the posts are either in English or German and not translated. To view the blog in any other language please use the translation widget placed on the right panel.

Are you missing a system in one of the categories on the right panel ? Do you wish to write articles here yourself ? Just let me know. And comments are welcome by anyone, anytime! You can call me at my cost (using my Jajah account) if you want to know more...

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Unknown said...

Long time reader, first time poster.
It's been awhile since we've seen blog facts, you need to bring them back! ;)

short loan

Ronald Knecht said...

Thanks, Jim. Indeed, I have to. It's just been a busy time, privately and in business (and still is). But I promise, there will be more posts in the future!