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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bloomberg LP Moves Into EDM Market, Acquires PolarLake

That's the second acquisition in the product vendor market in the last few weeks - CADIS has been baucht by Markit just recently. I wonder if there is a strategic advantage for the bigger players adding a reference data system to the product portfolio and even more so: why this is happening just now.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Barrington: The Global PA Report 2012

Yet another Barrington report on fund accounting systems ("Portfolio Accounting"is the preferred term there and explicitly used as a synonym). With Germany and Switzerland (2 out of 10 named countries that should cover the entire planet) one would expect that the systems with a significant footprint in German speaking countries would be included. However, I wasn't able to find neither Profidata nor Diamos (MultiFonds, SimCorp and Sungard are included). The majority of the systems seem to be from North America.

Interestingly, vendors like Murex (MX 3), Temenos (WealthManager) and Thomson Reuters (Portia) are included.

Nevertheless an extensive report and a must-have for anyone in the business.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Markit to acquire enterprise data management specialist Cadis

One of the data management system vendors being more successful lately has just been acquired: CADIS by Markit. Its innovative approach of managing data has made it win several awards, despite being a young company (founded in 2007). It will be interesting to monitor the impact of this deal in the reference data systems market.

Credit Suisse fund COO quits

Dr. Lohmann's resignation as the CEO of its asset management may be interesting, as Credit Suisse sold its German KAG to SGSS in July 2010.